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PowerMD Introduces “Full Facial Volume Restoration” In Marin County With Fillers and Botox

Posted on February 4, 2016“Facial volume slowly diminishes as men and women age, causing a ‘hollowed out’ look in the cheek areas, around the eyes and in other areas of the face,” says Dr. Karron Power of PowerMD . “Using a combination of short and long acting fillers we can restore the skin’s foundation to bring back youthful facial characteristics and erase lines and wrinkles with Botox and Dysport. Facial fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Voluma vary in their applications and longevity and can be even more effective when used in combination,” says Dr. Power. “We call this approach Full Facial Volume Restoration™.”“For example, Juvederm is a soft and long lasting facial filler but Restylane is better for lines where you want precision – especially around the lips,” says Dr. Power. “Voluma is a filler that lifts as well as Restylane Lyft (previously known as Perlane). While Voluma costs twice as much it lasts at least twice as long, so patients can make fewer return visits.”

“The pull of gravity is just one of the causes of facial aging,” says Dr. Power. “Deflation is also a major factor.

Dr. Power adds volume to a patient's face
Dr. Power adds volume to a patient’s face

Deflation is caused by the gradual loss of facial fat which serves as the skin’s foundation. Many doctors now agree that the downward movement of facial skin over time is an illusion caused by loss of facial fat volume.”

“Long-lasting results with facial fillers and Botox begins with a  careful assessment of each patient’s skin condition and level of facial volume loss,” says Dr. Power. “Rather than using just one filler and deciding where to place injections, we assess the patient’s entire face, existing lines and wrinkles and his or her dynamic facial characteristics. We are looking at how facial expressions and muscle movement influence the formation of lines and wrinkles when a person is talking, smiling, frowning and laughing.”

Jennifer W. is a 37 year-old resident of Mill Valley. She had Full Facial Volume Restoration™ at PowerMD a few months ago. “I love the fact that the fine lines are gone, but having fuller-looking cheekbones really makes me look younger,” she says.

“Many doctors use Botox for most applications, however I prefer Dysport for the forehead because the result is softer and more natural-looking,” says Dr. Power. “This avoids the heavy look that is often seen when Botox is used to treat horizontal forehead lines. For ‘frown lines’ I prefer Botox because it’s stronger and more precise.”

For more information on Full Facial Volume Restoration™ call PowerMD in Greenbrae at 415-785-7995 and visit