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Power MD Brings Quick Affordable Teeth Whitening To Marin County

Posted on February 12, 2016An exciting new teeth whitening treatment, Sinsational Smile  is now available in Marin County. Most people experience tooth yellowing or other discoloration over time, even though they make it a habit to brush, floss and visit their dentist twice a year. Certain foods and drinks stain teeth, and other environmental and health factors can also dull their brightness.

Sinsational Smile can help remove this discoloration in as little as 20 minutes. This revolutionary treatment is the first and only “green certified” whitening system. Sinsational Smile is a tray-based, comfortable, affordable, and quick professional teeth whitening option.

A White Smile Matters
“Your smile plays a key role in your self esteem and confidence, but it also plays a major part in what others think of you,” says Dr. Karron Power of Power MD in Greenbrae, CA.  “Studies show that your smile not only helps people form a first impression of you, it also continues to influence their opinion of you as you interact. This is true even of co-workers, supervisors and others you see on a daily basis.” White teeth

A study performed by Kelton Research made several important findings relating to the influence a bright, white smile can have:
More than 65 percent of participants remembered meeting people with great smiles, but were much less likely to remember those who had dull, discolored teeth or those who did not smile.
Three out of every four participants said they felt people with a straight, white smile were more trustworthy than those who did not smile, echoing previous research with the same outcome.

Luckily, modern teeth whitening methods are more effective than ever before, and many stains can often be eliminated completely in only a few treatments. If you have an important occasion coming up, work with the public or are looking for a new job, you may want to consider treatment with Sinsational Smile.

Modern Whitening Methods
Today, there are more teeth whitening options on the market than ever before. At the same time, more people are investing in their smile, both with cosmetic dentistry and smile brightening treatments. In the past, this may have required expensive laser whitening or harsh chemical bleaching to get the results you want. With Sinsational Smile, however, you will leave the office with a whiter, more confident smile in only 20 minutes.

Teeth Whitening With Sinsational Smile
Sinsational Smile utilizes a patented, pre-filled silicone tray that is specially shaped for both your comfort and maximum effectiveness. The tray slides comfortably in your mouth, and — unlike the many one-size-fits all over-the-counter options — allows you to relax your jaw. Once the tray is in place, the clinician will apply an LED light for 20 minutes, activating and accelerating the gel.

Most people notice positive results after just one 20 minute treatment, although you may need several treatments to reach your desired level of whitening. Every Sinsational Smile treatment also includes a whitening pen that is easy to use at home or on the go. This pen can help to rejuvenate your smile in only a few minutes. It helps keep teeth bright white between visits.

Lasting Results
The results of Sinsational Smile treatments vary from person to person, depending on a wide range of factors including the cause of their staining, the natural color of their teeth and age. The Sinsational Smile system is safe on healthy enamel, and can be used by those with crowns, veneers or other dental work.

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