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Power MD Brings Painless Laser Hair Removal To Marin County

Posted on October 22, 2015Dr. Karron Power Says The Emvera Diolux Makes It Possible To Reduce Unwanted Hair In Minutes

Marin County, CA – “Unwanted body hair removal has long been a painful, ongoing process for men and women alike,” says Dr. Karron Power of Power MD in Greenbrae, CA.  That’s why we have introduced a new laser hair reduction device to make it possible to remove unwanted hair with no pain and no recovery time. The Emvera Diolux pairs a super-cool chilled sapphire tip with a unique massage movement technique to offer effective hair reduction that feels more like a hot rock massage. It’s like having a spa treatment while removing unwanted hair.”

“No one likes having hair in the ‘wrong places’, and the routine required to keep these areas shaved or waxed is both time consuming and painful,” says Dr. Power. “Laser hair removal has become the go-to option for people looking to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.”

“Linda” is a 31 year-old from San Rafael who says she has tried every hair removal method before having Emvera Diolux laser treatments at Power MD. “I love my smooth look after the Emvera treatments, but I especially like the ‘painless’ idea of the treatment,” she says. “After waxing and other laser treatments that were very uncomfortable, this treatment is actually pleasant.”

“With the Emvera DioLux, effective laser hair reduction now takes less time than waxing or even shaving,” says Dr. Power. “The state-of-the-art diode laser used in the device can treat small areas of the body such as the upper lip in as little as 30 seconds. According to the manufacturer, a full back can be treated in seven minutes. Unwanted hair on both legs can be reduced during a single visit on your lunch break.”

The Emvera Diolux laser is designed to pulse at the most effective wavelength, and in the most effective pattern possible. These treatments damage the shaft and bulb of each individual hair, interfering with its ability to grow. While it is strong enough to remove coarse body hair from a man’s back or a woman’s bikini line, it is also safe enough to use on the delicate skin of the face and neck.

“The Emvera DioLux was designed specifically to provide effective, permanent hair removal that is pain free,” says Dr. Power. “The device has a sapphire cooling tip that gently glides across the skin during treatment, preventing the area from becoming hot. Many patients report that this feels like a hot stone massage. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there is also an optional topical numbing cream.”

“Unlike other hair removal treatments, the Emvera DioLux device is adjustable. This allows us to choose the best setting for each patient’s skin tone and sensitivity,” says Dr. Power. “This also means it can be both safe and effective on dark and light skin alike.”

Most people see some results from Emvera DioLux hair removal after only one treatment. Because it cannot affect dormant hairs, however, it often takes several visits to ensure all hair shafts in an area have been properly treated. After this series of short, painless treatments, patients can expect to say goodbye to their razors forever. Visit or call Power MD at 415.785.7995 to learn more about effective and painless laser hair removal.