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Patient Reviews

My orthopedic surgeon was amazed at how quickly I recovered from knee surgery. I’m already skiing again! My body feels stronger and my recovery time is shorter than ever. *

D.F., age 52, Sausalito

Working with Dr. Power has enabled me to get my body functioning properly by balancing my hormone levels and adrenal glands. Now I have much more energy and my mood has lifted. I feel like a new woman; happier, more youthful and confident. I also had struggled, as a runner, for a long time in not seeing any improvement in athletic performance until I worked with Dr. Power. After just a few months I’ve been able to run a faster pace taking almost a full minute off my mile! That is huge! I recently ran a half marathon and took two and a half minutes off my best time from two years ago. It was so exciting. I can’t say enough about how much my life has changed in such a short time. Thank you Dr. Power!! *

M.C., age 49, Corte Madera

I couldn’t understand why my spouse had changed so much over the years. Dr. Power corrected her hormone imbalance and I feel like I’m with the person I married twenty years ago! *

A. H., age 52, San Francisco

I thought I was just “getting old” and I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of my rut. I kept gaining weight but I couldn’t get motivated to do anything about it. My regular doctor prescribed anti-depressants but I just gained more weight and totally lost interest in sex. I found Dr. Power and was diagnosed with low testosterone. Two years later – I’ve lost twenty pounds of fat and I’ve gained muscle and strength. My energy, mood and sex drive are back where they were in my thirties. My wife couldn’t be happier! *

M. P., age 45, Mill Valley

After a 51 year battle, at the age of 63, I have finally found a doctor, Karron Power MD, with the knowledge, tenacity, and dedication to balance my metabolic and hormonal systems. The consequences of the imbalances included endometriosis, fibrocystic breasts, PCOS, and infertility. As an R.N. with a medical and scientific background, I have searched the planet for answers and submitted my body to experts in this field of medicine. For the first time since I was 12 years old, I am balanced and feel great! I admire Dr. Power’s approach, and especially her effort and time to include and educate me throughout this process. She and her exceptionally professional and efficient staff are true warriors in their commitment to their patients. *

C.H., age 64, Angwin

Dr. Power has truly changed my life. My mind feels strong and my body is like I am 19 again! Everyone should feel this way! *

C.W., age 38, San Luis Obispo

Three years ago, I had lost all interest in sex and my energy level was so low that everything felt like a massive undertaking. My career, my goals, my relationship, even simple daily tasks were a struggle. I was always battling my weight and never seemed to be at my “ideal” no matter how much I dieted or exercised. Once the doctor identified my deficiencies and put me on the right hormones, everything – and I mean everything – changed. I have tons of energy, am in the peak of my sexual prime, and have been ten pounds lighter ever since. I can pretty much eat what I want without gaining a pound…and I look and feel amazing!

I’d be lost without my hormones. They make the world of difference to my quality of life. Restoring my hormones to their normal levels changed my life. It gave me my life back, and for that, I am forever grateful. *

K.L., age 37, Los Angeles

Thank you very much Dr. Power! I feel great! *

P.B., age 54, Reno NV

Dr. Power’s care, with meticulous attention to detail, constant updates of current studies and surveys, combined with her uncanny memory and ability to connect biological dots, has completely changed my life. I’m a man in my 60s whose natural biological clock had been winding down as a natural result of inertia and self-fulfilling reduction of energy. By means of a patient process of hormone replacement therapy and through Dr. Power’s very careful and conservative approach, I am now in better shape physically, athletically and emotionally than I have been since my 30s. It would be irresponsible to not avail oneself of her services. Unless I get hit by a bus on one of my forty-mile bike rides, I expect to be making appointments with her for at least sixty more years!! *

C.K., age 67, San Francisco

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