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Mommy Makeover For The Face Developed By Marin County Doctor

Posted on January 15, 2016Marin County, CA – While many women are interested in having a Mommy Makeover after devoting years to their children, not all moms want or need big surgical procedures like breast lifts and tummy tucks. “Many of my patients are moms who are in good shape but wish to have facial skin rejuvenation, get rid of a few wrinkles and refresh their look,” says Dr. Karron Power of Power MD in Greenbrae. “These women really benefit from a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures, some of which were simply unavailable just a few years ago. Our goal is to treat existing skin problems, then work to prevent new lines, wrinkles and sun damage from happening.”

Facial Rejuvenation
‘How can a ‘Mommy Makeover’ make a women look younger? It starts with the face,” says Dr. Power. “Years of sun damage, stress and putting other’s needs first can cause any woman to neglect her skin.”

Dr. Power and the team of clinicians at Power MD have developed a comprehensive method to turn back time and prevent the signs of aging from developing. “We call it Treat and Prevent’’ skin care,” says Dr. Power. “This advanced aesthetic method includes a two-pronged approach. While I and my clinicians treat or patient’s existing skin issues, we also assess where the signs of aging are likely to occur next. Then we’ll incorporate strategic treatments and placement of topical and injectable products to prevent the next set of lines from ever happening.”

“Laser skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and laser skin resurfacing are more effective when the appropriate treatments are combined”, says Dr. Power. “Since each person’s skin type and color are different, we don’t limit our practice to just one type of treatment or laser. This way, each patient at PowerMD receives a customized skin treatment program that may include skin resurfacing, skin tightening, facial volume rejuvenation and treatment for dark spots, acne scars or wrinkles using a combination of lasers, injectables and topical treatments.”

“Our ‘Double Chin Eraser’ injectable treatment is effective for dissolving small amounts of unwanted fat in the neck,” says Dr. Power. “Some patients may also benefit from a specialized laser treatment which can help to tighten the skin,” she says.

Longer, Fuller Eyelashes 
More beautiful eyelashes can enhance the effects of a facial Mommy Makeover. In 2008, LATISSE® became the first and only prescription product FDA approved to grow eyelashes fuller, longer, and darker in patients with eyelash “hypotrichosis”, or reduced volume of eyelashes. For best results, our highly skilled staff will take the time to educate you on step by step instructions to help patients to achieve full, beautiful lashes, with optimal results seen in 16 weeks.

Don’t Forget The Hands.
Sometimes a woman’s hands can make her look older because of sun damage and spots, loss of volume or prominent veins. The hands can be beautifully rejuvenated with one or more treatments including laser skin rejuvenation to erase brown spots and injectable fillers to restore volume and reduce the visibility of veins.

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