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Marin County Doctor Introduces Botox Treatment Without The Frozen Face Effect

Posted on November 11, 2015

mannequin to illustrate Botox Frozen Face prevention at PowerMD
Botox “Frozen Face” can be avoided with advanced Botox injecting techniques, says Dr. Karron Power.

“Botox® is wildly popular for ‘erasing’ facial lines and wrinkles, but what’s not popular is the ‘frozen face’ effect that often results from poorly planned Botox injections,” says Dr. Karron Power. “A new injecting technique developed at Power MD allows us to treat lines and wrinkles while leaving our patients able to form normal facial expressions. Using a modified pattern of injections with precise amounts of Botox and special needles we can achieve excellent results for men and women. We avoid injecting in certain facial areas to preserve movement of expressive muscles and we use a ‘Treat and Prevent’ approach to pre-treat areas where future lines are likely to form.”

“The results of any Botox treatment depend on the skill and knowledge of the practitioner,” says Dr. Power. “Botox affects the muscles that are directly treated, and the degree of relaxation depends on the amount and location of the injections. Too little medication will not be effective and too much or incorrect placement of injections can ‘freeze’ normal facial movement, resulting in a a ‘mannequin’ effect. The ‘Treat and Prevent’ method is designed to deliver the right amount of medication in the right places for each patient’s needs to achieve a youthful and natural result.”

“The days of putting up with a ‘frozen face’ after Botox treatment are over with the “Treat and Prevent” technique,” says Dr. Power. For more information call PowerMD in Greenbrae, CA at 415.785.7995 and visit
PowerMD serves patients from throughout Marin County and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.