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Clinical Facials

Clinical Facial

After a consultation with your aesthetician, a clinical treatment is designed to enhance clarity and glow. This includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, enzyme infusion, extraction and personalized mask. (60 mins) 

Purifying Teen Facial

As teenagers experience hormonal changes, it is common to notice clogged pores and acne-prone skin. This treatment is designed to educate teens about the importance of hygiene and skincare. The facial includes cleansing, mild exfoliation, a treatment mask and extractions if needed. (45 mins) 

Aftercare Facial

Following a laser treatment, microneedling session, or chemical peel, the aftercare facial calms dryness, soothes inflammation, and accelerates healing. (35 mins)

Back Treatment

Our back facial cleans up those hard to reach areas.  This treatment targets a variety of skin concerns such as clogged pores, back acne, and sun damage. (45 mins) 

Diamondtome Microdermabrasion

This treatment gently removes dead skin cells to reveal supple, baby-soft skin. A diamond encrusted wand deeply exfoliates while a vacuum removes impurities, promoting healthy cell turnover, improved skin tone and circulation. (60 mins) 

Hydraderm Facial

Boasting no downtime, this facial is one of our most popular for cleaner, fresher, and rejuvenated skin. Solutions, serums, and specific protocols are used to address a wide variety of skin types and individual client needs.  Skin is left with a red carpet glow! (60 mins)