Testosterone San Francisco – Dr. Karron Power Tells What Men Should Know

Posted on June 14, 2012

San Francisco – Dr. Karron Power recently appeared on KGO 7 News to discuss male testosterone replacement therapy. She explains how her husband and another patient are benefiting from testosterone therapy and what men should know when considering male hormone replacement.

Testosterone levels begin to diminish for most men sometime during their 30′s, according to Dr. Power. “Usually, a man doesn’t notice the changes in his attitude, mood, libido or other physical effects until his testosterone levels have dropped to about 50% of his optimal level.”

“Common complaints among men with low testosterone include depression, lack of motivation, and a feeling that they’ve ‘lost their edge.’ Testosterone replacement therapy for the right patient can improve a man’s mood, sense of optimism and engagement with life and relationships,” says Dr. Power. “By age 50 most, but not all men have suboptimal levels of testosterone.” Dr. Power says that men with diminished testosterone levels exhibit statistically higher mortality rates.

Dr. Power says that testosterone therapy may be administered by injection, topical creams or with dissolving pills. She believes that the injection method is best, but she counsels her patients on the available choices and allows each to decide what is right for himself. Dr. Power says that she takes a conservative approach, and if the patient is doing well, the levels can be adjusted as may be appropriate in each case.

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