Laser Hair Removal in Marin County


Actual Patient

Get smooth, silky, hairless skin TODAY! Here at PowerMD our laser hair removal system safely and effectively treats unwanted facial and body hair on both men and women. The DioLux is the fastest, most powerful and comfortable laser for all skin types on the market. The 808nm diode operates up to 10 pulses per second, speeds capable of treating women’s legs or men’s backs in half the time. The DioLux is equipped with an exclusive Diolimated beam profile; a true collimated beam with a sapphire tip that provides optimal contact cooling to provide a painless hair removal treatment. Its various pulse modes allow safe treatments on all skin types, year-round. Optimal timing for treatments is 6-8 weeks apart. Ask any one of our talented staff about how much we love this laser.

– Pain-free
– Treats All Skin Types
– Superior Cooling
– 10x Faster
– Superior Beam Delivery