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Look better, not different.

Advances in non-surgical skin care, anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments mean that women and men can now look naturally younger and more attractive without invasive cosmetic surgery or extended downtime. From injectable fillers that can prompt the body to produce additional collagen to “fractional” laser treatments that offer effective skin resurfacing with little or no time off there are now more options that are safe and effective for any skin color, type or condition.

Don’t Just Treat The Signs Of Aging – Prevent With Treat and Prevent Skin Care™ Using the right skin treatments is critical for obtaining the best results, and certain skin problems respond better to a combination of treatments. That’s why Dr. Power has pioneered Treat and Prevent Skin Care – customized and layered treatment programs that are tailored to each individual’s needs. “While my clinicians and I treat existing skin issues for our clients we also assess where the signs of aging are likely to occur next and incorporate strategic treatments and placement of topical and injectable products to prevent the next set of lines from ever happening,” says Dr. Power.

Each treatment session begins with a consultation to best understand the patient’s goals and budget. Treatment plans can include neuromodulators, fillers, and lasers– all of which are further enhanced by a curated at-home skincare regimen.

The aesthetic and anti-aging treatments provided by PowerMD are the most effective and proven ways to “turn back time” for your appearance and skin health. When combined in a strategic plan you can enjoy a naturally healthier and younger look that reflects the confidence of looking and feeling your best. There is no better time to “turn back the clock” than right now!

Did you know?

Long before Dr. Power became a doctor, she studied how the face ages as a makeup artist. Prior to medical school Dr. Power was the “star” artist for her cosmetic line as well as the “feature artist” traveling store-to-store for makeover events and promotions. She volunteered at a local playhouse as a special effects makeup artist, where she crafted “old age,” which requires comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy and aging in order to extrapolate and execute a realistic interpretation of how actors and actresses will age.

Top-of-the line products are essential, but they are only half of the equation. The careful and artistic application of these products is critical to achieve beautiful and natural results. Your face is a canvas that should only be entrusted to the most highly trained and qualified medical aesthetic artists, like the clinicians at PowerMD.

Dr. Power has literally made the art of beauty a science. Her extensive medical knowledge combined with her keen, artistic eye, perfectionist attention to detail and aesthetic awareness led her to formulate her very own systemized approach to aesthetic treatments. Thus, the Treat and Prevent Method she pioneered was born out of multiple disciplines. Not only do she and her clinicians treat existing issues, but they also assess where aging will occur next and incorporate the strategic placement of product to prevent your next set of lines from ever happening.

PowerMD’s clinicians are extensively and personally trained by Dr. Power so they master her method. You won’t find more highly trained or qualified clinicians anywhere to effectively evaluate and treat your unique aesthetic needs.

With the help of PowerMD, you truly can look and feel forever young because Dr. Power and her clinicians will be right there with you to fight aging, every step of the way. Contact us today at 415.785.7995 to schedule your appointment.

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