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I recently had a serious sports injury and thanks to the advice and help of Dr. Power, after a major surgery, I was back in the gym one month later.

I have been going to the gym since I was 16 years old, but lately, I just wasn’t seeing the results I used to. After seeing Dr. Power, I started gaining so much muscle I could not believe it… I didn’t know where it all came from! I also burned so much fat that I’m now down to 8% body fat.

When you’re young, you have energy and stamina, but lack experienence. But experience only comes with age, and age means getting old and slowing down, right? Not true. What I have now is all of that experience with the energy and stamina of my youth, so thanks to Dr. Power and PowerMD, I really do have the best of both worlds! *

A.L.T., age 49, San FranciscoRead More…