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Success Stories

Real people. Real results.

We’re proud of our patients and the work we do. Our patients look and feel great. We think they look better than models so we thought it only fitting to fill our site with actual photos of the patients who make PowerMD the world-class clinic it is today. In fact, the majority of the photos featured on our site are of actual patients. These are real people with real success stories. Our patients truly do look and feel amazing and their photos are proof positive. Our patients believe in the work we do and are proud to represent PowerMD. And we are proud they are part of the PowerMD family.

Smart solutions produce powerful results. Dr. Power’s unique, visionary approach to anti-aging and aesthetics creates the real, consistent, remarkable results you see on the patient photos shown throughout the site. This methodology is meticulously employed by every clinician at PowerMD for customized solutions that not only address your current concerns, but also anticipate and prevent aging that is yet to come. Close monitoring of your biochemical changes through exams and lab work ensure that as your body changes, so does your treatment plan. Our patients will tell you that this is the secret to staying at the top of your game; and having the energy to enthusiastically tackle your day, every day, while looking and feeling the best you have in years.

Contact us at 415.785.7995 today to join the real people who have discovered the real results you can only get at PowerMD.