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Hand Rejuvenation Marin County

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments At PowerMD Leave Hands Looking Younger

The skin of the hands if often the first place sun damage becomes apparent, leaving age spots and other signs in its wake. At the same time, veins become more visible as you age. Prematurely aging hands can make you appear older than you are, even when you’ve taken excellent care of your face. Now your hands can look younger too, with hand rejuvenation treatments at PowerMD, designed to reduce the appearance of veins and age spots while rejuvenating aging skin.

About Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

There are number of hand rejuvenation treatments available today, and most of them can be used alone or in combination with others to achieve the results you want. It is important to discuss your aesthetic goals at your consultation at PowerMD. Most hand rejuvenation therapies are minimally invasive, although they may require multiple treatments.

Lessening The Appearance of Veins and Tendons

With age, skin becomes thinner and much of the fat volume of the hands is lost. This often leads to visibly protruding veins, tendons or even bones in the hands. PowerMD have several options to reduce their appearance.

Most commonly, the answer lies in replacing the missing fat with injectible fillers. By injecting these fillers into specific locations, they can effectively lessen the appearance of structures under the skin.

Removing Discolorations and Resurfacing Skin

Darker spots caused by sun exposure and other discolorations are often the most common complaints women have about their hands. There are several effective hand rejuvenation treatments that will fade these spots and help skin regain a youthful tone. These include intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) and laser skin resurfacing.

Intense pulsed light therapy uses a special device that applies pulsed light to a small area of skin. These light waves can fade minor discolorations, and many people find that their sun spots disappear completely after a series of treatments. Patients can return to normal activities immediately, although the treated area typically feels like it has been mildly sunburned for a few days.

Laser skin resurfacing can be used when IPL is unlikely to be effective or more extensive treatment is needed to fade discolorations. Laser treatment can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Younger-looking revitalized skin will soon replace the discolored, aging skin.

Most women put great care into keeping their face from receiving too much sun to warding off premature aging. With hands, however, it can be hard to prevent discoloration because of their constant exposure to the elements. At the same time, veins often become more prominent as you age, and skin becomes less resilient. Hands often give away a person’s age, or even make them appear older. The advanced treatments available at PowerMD are effective at improving skin tone and texture, so your hands can match the youthful look of your face.